I felt for a while that my site was a bit out of touch with what I wanted it to do. Although I had an articles/blog section, it rarely got touched, and lots of things I wanted to say on here never got said. I started fiddling around with code and design ideas in earnest at the end of last year, to try and fix this. I had a few key goals for this site refresh.
First, I wanted to be able to put up short, readable blog posts on the topics I love- web design, code, Nigeria, architecture, history, you name it.

Second, I needed a simpler, more streamlined aesthetic for my site as a whole. I was generally happy with the way my portfolio sections and pages were, I just needed to strip away some unnecessary bits. I think I've done that.

Third, I made the site responsive, in a way. In opting for a refresh over a complete redesign, I decided to use media queries to tweak the code, making it ready for tablets and smart-phones. It is not truly responsive just yet, but I wanted to go live and continue to work on it, rather than waiting forever to launch something.

Anyway, those are the major reasons behind this site refresh. It is a work in progress, and will require a lot more love and time, but I think I have accomplished my goals so far.