EnergyVision 2030

Achieving a modern, low-emissions energy future

EnergyVision 2030

Accelerating the transition to a clean energy future

Designing a data-driven site to show how New England can achieve a modern, low-emissions energy future.

A data-driven site showing how efforts in New York and the six New England states can achieve a modern, low-emissions energy future.

Project Scope

  • Information Architecture
  • Interactive Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Agency: Constructive

A Transition to Clean Energy

We need to invest in clean energy technologies rapidly, if we want to build a new energy economy. That means we have to take steps to modernize our energy systems, offer consumers better options, and in turn, dramatically reduce climate pollution. That sounds like an impossible task sometimes. While working on this project, however, I saw just how small the changes are that we need to make at first, to begin bending the curve of climate pollution downward.


Visualizing the Future

I led the visual design of this project at Constructive, collaborating with developers, designers, and content strategists to create an experience that explains Acadia Center’s vision for how we consume energy in the Northeast of the United States. The team spent a lot of time on the data visualizations, allowing users to make choices and understand how they contribute to a better energy future.

energyvision transportation data 3 mobile
energyvision transportation data 4 mobile

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